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People counting

Optimize your traffic, staff and marketing strategies to increase conversion rates and profits with actionable data.

Every business with a physical space should count customer traffic to see the bigger picture of what is going on in their business. Whether you are a shopping center, retail chain, museum, library, sporting venue, bank, restaurant or other… People Counting data will help you make well-informed decisions about your business.

Benchmarking businesses, figuring out the conversion rate for each spot to see the real performance, efficiently allocating your staff according to hourly visitor traffic will create value in terms of revenue, profit and  efficiency.

Stereo Vision Depth Image

Our most recent V-Count 3D Alpha+ provides an average of 98% counting accuracy rate with its stereo vision technology, the highest technology available in the people counting market right now. It is the most accurate and reliable way to anonymously measure people’s footfall activity in and out of physical space.

The unit’s bi-directional feature can anonymously count people entering and exiting at the same time and reports these numbers separately. Moreover, by subtracting exiting from entering count, you can have an idea of when locations are most occupied, along with peak hours for visitor traffic.

V-Count 3D Alpha+ is designed for retailers, entertainment venues, mall operators, healthcare facilities and others who want to understand how people enter, move through and exit physical spaces. The unit can provide a wide range of traffic, queue, and other behavioral metrics, providing you with additional information about your customers and their shopping behavior. It is now possible to get all this data in one device with its combined technology.

Are People Counters The Same As Footfall Counters?

A people counter can often be called a footfall counter, a traffic counter, a door counter, or a visitor counter. These devices essentially perform the same functions and deliver the same metrics. However, different terms are sometimes used for different environments and named accordingly.

Footfall Counters & Traffic Counters

In the retail industry, people counters are often referred to as footfall counters and traffic counters. These are people counting devices that count the number of customers entering or exiting a store.

Door Counters

A door counter is also a people counting device that counts the number of people entering or exiting a building through a specific door. Libraries, museums, and exhibitions usually refer to their people counting devices as door counters.

Visitor Counters

For tourist attractions, events, and public places, people counters are often called visitor counters, as they count the number of visitors in a place.

V-Count 3D Alpha+ Device Specifications

Device Dimensions

(Rectangular Cover): 225 x 70 x 40 mm

Packing Dimensions

257x224x91mm (WxDxH)

Device Weight


Package Weight


Installation Height

Min. Height 2.8 meters, Max. Height 9 meters


IEEE802.3af (48 V DC) 15.4W per port



Operating System

Linux Based V-Count OS


NTP, Adjustable Timezone, Automatic Daylight Saving Adjustments

Ethernet Connection


Data Storage

10 Years offline storage with auto synchronization

User Levels

3 Levels: Admin, Standard, Guest User


Cat5 – Cat6

Operating Environmental Specs

Temperature:-15°C to 40°C, Humidity: 10% to 90%

Storage Environmental Specs

Temperature: -40°C to 70°C, Humidity: 10% to 95%



Benefits of People Counting

Count the number of people entering, exiting and passing by your store in real-time.

Calculate the conversion rates of each store by knowing how many of your customers generate your sales.

Benchmark high-performing stores and optimize your lowest-performing stores to reach their performance.

Discover when your stores generate the most traffic and have the most significant sale opportunities.

Optimize staff operation following the number of visitors and their needs within your stores during power hours.

Purify your conversion rate by consolidating groups of visitors, families and couples as one potential buyer.

Why Use People Counting in Different Industries

People Counting In Retail

Retail stores are dynamic environments with ever-changing customer behavior. People counting is vital for retailers to know the exact number of visitors per store, the conversion rate and to optimize staffing depending on customer ratio.

People Counting In Libraries & Museums

Libraries and museums rely on government funding. To receive the necessary amount of grants, they need to be able to judge their footfall accurately. With people counting data, they will be able to know how many people visit the premises. Hence, they can receive their government grants accordingly.

People Counting In Airports

Airports are one of the busiest and most dynamic places in the world. Understanding the traffic & tracking crowds movement from security check to plane embarkment allows more efficient operations, perfect staff allocation and increase passengers time at Duty-Free.

People Counting In Supermarkets

A supermarket’s goal is to turn all visitors into frequent buyers. With people counting data, supermarkets will know how many visitors they get and how many they converted into buyers. People counting information also helps with staff allocation to maximize customer satisfaction.

People Counting In Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls draw lots of visitor traffic; not only because of shopping opportunities but also for entertainment value. With people counting, you will be able to see which areas are most crowded and attractive, thus, shape your marketing attractions and planning accordingly.

People Counting In Events & Exhibitions

Events and expos are substantial grounds to make lasting impressions and present their products and services. With people counting, sponsors and owners know the exact number of visitors, peak hours and staff allocation accordingly with the number of visitors.

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